“Have no fear of perfection you’ll never reach it” Salvador Dalì

One of the aims of fashion photography is the search for perfection, generally conceived as the only possible dimension of visual communication and assumed proof of quality of a brand. There are few spaces for the uncoded, the invisible, the unforeseen. Error seems always what we could define as “moving away from beauty”.

With the exhibition “Serendipity”, we want to celebrate error. We want to look out for stunning imperfection. To go digging in the huge amount of waste of fashion photography. To recover the crossed out pictures.

The photographers of this exhibit are given the liberty to express themselves in a glittering world of blurred pictures, wrong compositions, technical failures. The freedom of throwing away the instructions, carve things up, break things down.

Serendipity – A photography exhibition on facebook


Brendan Austin - Iga Drobisz - Marcello Jnr Dino - Alexandra Von Fuerst - Teresa Giannico - Nhu Xuan Hua - Paolo Di Lucente - Piotr Niepsuj - Marco Pietracupa - Scandebergs - Alice Schillaci


20.10.2017  — 20.10.2017

Via Vincenzo Monti 59, 20145 Milano