It’s about a brilliant snapshot that is part of a more wide visual project created by Lago Film Fest, coordinated by Alan Chies and realized by the click of Marco Pietracupa, fashion and portraits author, beloved by the national and international media, author of images to fall in love with, like those that portray Milan prostitutes as suburban naked models included in the Flying Carpet exhibition.

The visual project, that originated the official image of the Lago Film Fest 10th edition, is the symbol of the strong bond between the festival and the territory, and is also an amused expression of its irreverence.
A lake and its inhabitants: a stretch of water between the green hills in which the faces marked by the ravages of time are reflected, surprised by a resounding flash or happily posing in their Sunday best. The new image of the Lago Film Fest crystallizes the past by choosing as models those who have lived the past of Lago.
Each photography radiates an unexpected beauty that reveals a story and invites us to listen to it. The 10th Lago Film Fest, the top edition of a decade lived with the enthusiasm and the audacity of those who make culture a life project, uses the stories of its lake in order to tell new ones. On the shores, where paddle boats are waiting for summer, the storytellers of the past are waiting, immortalized in their traditional clothing or sleeping like in those July afternoons.

The Lago Film Fest 10th edition invites its public in July 2014 in the Lago village (municipality of Revine Lago) with an international jury, the Rodolfo Sonego Prize and a rich program of art and music events. Lago Film Fest takes place between the courtyards of the Lago village of stone, where less than a thousand residents live, and the rivers of the namesake lake, of glacial origin and from the very delicate balance of the ecosystem.

Marco Pietracupa (Bressanone), “a freethinker – it is written in his autobiography – and a perfectionist that throws caution to the wind. Both when he is portraying models, prostitutes and his own family, the unique crudity of his flash reveals, by telling their stories, their unexpected beauty”.


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18.07.2014  — 26.07.2014

Casa Canonica Villa Veneta
Via Guglielmo Marconi, 31
31020 Revine Lago (TV)