The Kunduz airstrike took place on Friday 4 September 2009, 7 km southwest of Kunduz City, Kunduz province in northern Afghanistan. Responding to a call by German forces, an American F-15E fighter jet struck two fuel tankers captured by Taliban insurgents, killing over 90 Civilians in the attack.

For months the reporter Christoph Reuter and the photographer Marcel Mettelsiefen met and portraited who died that night. The exhibition makes palpable the tragedy of the conflict, the suffering and the pain of who has survived losing everything.

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Kunduz, 4 September 2009 in the press


Christoph Reuter and Marcel Mettelsiefen


24.04.2010  — 13.06.2010

Kunstraum Potsdam
Schiffbauergasse 4d
14467 Potsdam